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SEO Contest 2010 from Claremont Design

Claremont Design, a professional web design consulting company, would like to invite all the bloggers and search engine specialists to join our newest search engine optimization (SEO) contest for the year 2010. Test your SEO skills. Learn and earn. Learn some advance SEO concepts and earn some extra cash in the process. Here are the details of the competition, please read the rules carefully:

Rules and Mechanics for the Claremont Design SEO Contest 2010:

  1. Start date is 13th of February 2010 (Saturday 12:00 noon Philippine Time).
  2. End date of the contest is 17th of April 2010 (Saturday 12:00 noon Philippine Time)
  3. On your blog (new or existing blogs will do), simply create an article about web design and rugs, but optimize it so that it becomes the top Google search result for the contest key phrase. (see key phrase below). The article should not contain or should not mention about it as a SEO competition.
  4. Unregistered entries and indented listings or results are not counted on the rankings.
  5. Your blog/s DOMAIN or SUB-DOMAIN used for the entries should not contain any part of the key phrase.
  6. The entries should have a visible link back to the listed sponsors below. Use the anchor text and URL specified below. Be creative in including the link as long it is visible on the first 250 words of the post/article entries. Here are the sponsors:
    URL: http://claremontdesign.com Anchor Text: Web Design
    URL: http://www.thecarpetsrugs.com Anchor Text: Rugs Portal
    URL: http://www.isurftheweb.com Anchor Text: Affordable Outsourcing Web Solutions
  7. There is NO limit on the number of entries/post you may make and submit but only articles posted on or after February 13, 2010 are valid and as long as the post contains the specified sponsored link on rule #6.
  8. To register:
    Follow ClaremontDesign’s twitter account at
    http://twitter.com/claremontdesign (if you don’t have a twitter account, register here.) Future announcement of competitions, SEO or even web designs will be sent via twitter too so it is recommended that you follow us.
    Post your twitter account and URL entry here with your name.
    You can also send this information via claremontdesign @ gmail.com
    Check your entries if it is registered in the valid entries page.
  9. Only registered entrants and valid entries are eligible to compete and win the prize.
  10. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior are permitted.
  11. The prizes for the said competition are as follows:
    1st - Prize = $300 (Need to Rank #1)
    2nd - Prize = $100 (Need to Rank #2)
    3rd - Prize = $50 (Need to Rank #3)
    4th - Prize = $50 (Need to Rank #4)
  12. Prizes will be sent via PAYPAL.
  13. Required links should be on the entry post all through out the competition and should not be removed. The organizer and the host of the competition have the rights to disqualify any participant if they find the links removed or tagged by the entrants as NOFOLLOW during the competition.
Note: To encourage us to conduct more of this competition, we advice that the entry posts should stay even after the contest. We are planning a regular contest like this every after each competition so please support us on this.
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