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Komodo Dragon Is Spectacular Animals On The World

Komodo Dragon Is Spectacular Animals On The World. Imagine stranded on a desert island and face to face with the largest living lizard in the face - a flesh-eating monster length of 12 feet (3.6 meters), weighs 300 pounds (136 kg)! The first visitor to the island of Komodo, they may be caused by prehistoric animals out of fear for the future.

The Komodo Dragon Komodo Dragon, and perhaps the source of the legend of the Chinese people eat large scaly monsters, dragons still an important place in Chinese folklore and religion.

Komodo dragons are found only on Komodo and a few small islands off the coast of northern Australia (see map in biogeography Iceland). He may have been as extensive, but the ancient map notation sailor "This Be Dragons" is now distributed islands of Malaysia and Indonesia was not until 1900 that scientists from the existence of extraordinary giant lizard confirmed .

Komodo dragons are carnivores (meat eaters) and eat all the animals that can eat and fragmentation. While the panel is for the most part, they catch live prey such as deer, pigs, birds, dragons, too young.

Young people are able to climb trees to escape due to heavy adults who can not climb. Komodo is a good swimmer and had been hunting in the fish, surf and birds.

Komodo formidable predators, since even one bite can be fatal. Bacteria in saliva dragon is so virulent that wounds often do not heal. Even if the victim died of an infection, usually within a few days. Dragon reputation as man-eaters are also feasible, it seems not many human and anxiety attacks and deaths were reported.
The cause of the extinction of dragons

Hunting and habitat loss. The population of Komodo dragons seems relatively stable at this time about 5,000 animals, but scientists are concerned that only 350 of them were female breed. This is a normal sexual relationship, but little is known about the species. Dragon's limited distribution makes them highly vulnerable to natural or man-made storms, such as fire or disease.

The biggest threat to the survival of the dragons of hunting and loss of habitat by human settlements. Like most spectacular animals of the world, dragons sought as a big game trophy hunter. They also slaughtered for their fur and feet to send the message. At the beginning of this century, dragons a lot to be sold to zoos and private collectors were arrested.

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